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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Around Angkor, Cambodia, Asia, Dec 2001

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World HeritageOther temples around the Angkor area are also very interesting and worth spending a full day to explore, especially the temples that were left to the mercy of the jungle and the temple in the middle of a resevior.

Attractions (for details click the links on the left hand menu):
Chay Say Tevoda and Thommanon: Two small shaded twin temples to be found on either side of the road
Prasat Kravan: A brick temple (as opposed to sandstone temples that are more commonly found in Angkor)
Preah Khan: Built according to the tradition on a spot where the king fought and won
Preah Neak Pean: A temple that was constructed in the middle of a reservoir
Pre Rup: Brick tower temple used for cremations
Ta Prohm: A temple that has been swallowed by the jungle
Ta Som: Relatively small, in a semi-ruined state 

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