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Monday, 17 May 2010

Bonjour, bienvenue! Le Journal intime des Irene et Dominic

Bonjour, bienvenue!
Le Journal intime des Irene et Dominic

We wanted to experience life together as students and we have always wanted to learn to speak more languages. So when the opportunity arised at the end of 2005, we decided to seize it and planned a 3-month French Language Trip, 4 January to 4 April 2006. Our course was split into 2 locations in France, namely, Antibes (South of France) and Paris.

This site serves as the logbook of our study trip, it contains our dairy, photos of the schools and the places that we visited during our stay. Hope you enjoy our sharing!

In particular, I would like to share with you:
Ownership Vs Freedom
After thoughtIt was indeed a fantastic journey, we are able to make simple conversation in French and we find it very amusing. The experience was simply great and we would recommend everyone to take some time off at some point in their life, drop everything, forget about the usual busy life and learn a new language. You won't regret it! Life is too short!

We will continue to take classes to improve our still beginner level French....

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