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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Danco Island, Antarctica, Antarctica, 31 Jan 2008

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20080131 Thursday Day 16 Danco Island, Melchoir Islands

In the morning while we were having breakfast, people saw a few whales and everyone got out to watch them, I have taken some pictures but you can only see a small object in the photos. Fortunately, there were more whaling viewing in the afternoon and I was able to take some decent pictures and can clearly see that they were humback whales.

The morning landing was at Danco Island, we had been blessed with another great sunny day. I went up the hill with the group which was a good exercise, I was sweating despite the fact that we were supposed to be in the cold Antarctic region. There were also plenty of mini-icebergs on the shore in various melting states. They looked very artistics and with a stretch of imagination, we could see resemblence with many real objects. Sadly that was our last zodiac landing of this trip and we would be heading back to the open ocean and making our way to Ushuaia.

We got our one and only e-mail message today from our travel agent Mak, informing us that one of the flight schedules had been changed.

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