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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Grand Canyon, USA, N America, Sept 2002

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World Heritage(Sept 2002) We flew from Las Vegas on a 6-seater plane to Grand Canyon. On our way to the Grand Canyon, we saw the enromous Hoover Dam. It took approximately one and a half hour to reach Grand Canyon national park. It is truely magnificent, we wish we could spend more time there to appreciate its natural beauty.

There are plenty of choices for tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon, they range from Air-tour only to different combinations of air/river/ground tours. You can find the details of operators and tours that they offer in most local magazines. The cost varies from ~US$100-400 per person (Sept 2002). 

Day 1: Salt Lake City
Day 2: Arches
Day 3: Canyonland
Day 4: Capitol Reef
Day 5: Highway 12 (including Dixie Forest), Bryce
Day 6: Zion
Day 7: Salt Lake City
This is a 1300 miles drive. You may choose to go to Las Vegas from Zion, instead of going back to Salt Lake City.

Day 8: Salt Lake City
Day 9: Las Vegas
Day 10: Grand Canyon
Day 11: Las Vegas

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