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Sunday, 16 May 2010

KanSai, Japan, Asia, Dec 2000

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World HeritageWe always like visiting Japan, Kansai is a very interesting region!

Osaka: you have to try the crab meal!
Famous scenic spots in Osaka include:
Osaka Castle, ennoju Temple, Tsutenkaku Tower

Nara: The most famous scenic spots in Nara including the Todaiji Temple with a big bronze buddha. Daibutsuden (the Great Buddha Hall) is one of the world's largest wooden buildings.The Nara Park has many many deers (over a thousand, we were told) in the park that you can go up closely and feed them (special food sold in the park).

We love Kyoto, such a beautiful place!
You must visit the world-renouned temple called Kiyomizu Temple (Clear water temple), it is one of the World heritage sites in Japan. In this temple, there are 3 small drinking stream symbolising love, health and wealth and you can only choose one of them, which one would you choose...and much more. We also took the romantic trip and then took a local boat trip back. 

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