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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Mid Wales, UK, Europe, Apr 2005

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Global Cafe of Warwick, weekend away to Mid Wales. Cefn Lea is one of the Christian conference venues in Britain, located in the peaceful valley surrounded by hills.

Powis Castle and Garden is near the town, Welshpool. Since 1952, it has been maintained by the National Trust and is well preserved. The castle dates back to the 12th century; built on the hill by Welsh Princes near the border with England.

Although it's a small castle, the interior is interesting and beautiful. Some interesting items from India can be found in the Clive room. A walk in the garden is surely relaxing on a sunny day and it may be good to take a nap on the grass field! There is cafe and shop near the entrance of the castle. Time required: 2 - 3 hours.

We had good fun admiring the starry sky, eating a lot food prepared by Rachel and Ruth, watching movie, playing swings/ball games etc, chatting & chatting, thought-provoking discussion on the DVD - Glad you asked. Questions like: Is there a creator in this world? What's your view on the evolution theory? Does these matter to our life?

Sleeping in a youth hostel is sometimes a problem for me. Deprived of sleep, I felt tired on second day, so that I was able to sleep better on the second day and felt really great on the last day. The chalet we stayed is really nice and of good size. I enjoyed staying with schoolmates very much and hope that we can get to know each other more in the Global Cafe or future activities. The only thing I wished I could do is to try Golf!

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