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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Shrewsbury, UK, Europe, Apr 2005

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Day trip to Shrewsbury. Route:
1. Market Street, The Square where the Tourist Information Office located; 2. St Alkmunds Place and Church. Next to the church, there is a very cute restaurant and I wish I could have lunch there; 3. St Marys Church; 4. Shrewsbury Castle Military items are displayed inside the castle; 5. Library, Darwin memorial statue. The statue was erected by townsfolk in 1894; 6. The Abbey Crossing the English Bridge, we arrived the Abbey Foregate. English Bridge connects this town to England in the east and the Welsh Bridge connects to Wales in the west; 7. The Peach Tree for afternoon tea, next to the Abbey; 8. St Chads Church; 9. Quarry Park. The colourful flowers in the park brightened our day. Thanks for the instruction given by the reception at St Chads Church; 10. Shrewsbury Museum

There are more independent shops in Shrewsbury than other towns. It is enjoyable to walk in this small town, best to combine a tour to Ironbridge.

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