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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Stanley, Falkland Islands, Antarctica, 18 Jan 2008

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20080119 Saturday Day 4 Stanley, East Falkland Island
Town visit, lunch onshore, posted 3 postcards. Christ Church Cathedrale, Falkland Islands Museum, Cartmell Cottage. Met a gentleman who visited Hong Kong in the 1960s, he had picture of a woman smoking opium inside Walled Village.

13 degree on land in the morning. Our knowledge and awareness of the Falkland Islands were limited to the Falklands war in 1982 which we understand very little of it. It was interesting to finally set foot on the island. The key highlights of the visit were the Cathedrale that has a small mouement outside made of whale bone; The museum though small had good collection of items that represented the Falklands such as items used by early settlers, animals samples of those found around the region, news and bomb shells of the Falklands War; The Cartmell Cottage was the first house built on the island. We posted a few postcards and had lunch in one of the local restaurants, our first onland meal since our sea journey began a few days ago.

Irene: lunch was a highlight at the Brasarie and had a nice dafe latte,
though penguin gifts are v. cute, we didnt buy any.
Met Jutta at dinner, from Germany living in London beteen Heathrow and central london. collected penguin items for 20 years+, went on icebreaker from Tasmania to Antarctica in 2000.

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