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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Taipei, Taiwan, Asia, Oct 2002

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(Oct 2002) We have each been to Taipei several times, there are always something new to discover. This time we visited the famous tourist place "Chiu Fen" (9 portions), north of Taipei. It used to be a small town with only 9 families living there and whenever they bought something from outside, they spilted it into 9 portions, one for each family, hence the name "Chiu Fen". It first drew attention because gold mine was discover here in the early 1890s. The last gold mine company shut down in 1972 and the place was in ruin. It was under the spot-light again when a movie called "The City of Sadness" based its story on this town. The movie had won some international film award and the place became famous again and had drawn a new batch of habitants. Today, Chiu Fen is also popular to local tourist. There are many other scenic spots near Chiu Fen in the north coast of Taiwan.

We spent much of our time hanging out with friends and tried out nice restaurant. We went to King Jong, People Cuisine, Din Tai Fong, Double Cafe and a German Restaurant. Yummy! 

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