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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Bucharest, Romania, Europe, Oct 2005

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I visited Romania 10 years ago (Dec 1995) and now seeing Romania again in 2005, there is such a sharp contrast. The Romania that I remembered from 10 years ago was very poor, it had only been 6 years after their revolution in 1989. You hardly see any shops or restaurants. As a visitor, you were struggling to find a place for a decent meal and we were so happy to see McDonald, one of the few foreign brands that we recognised. 10 years on, people's living standard has improved to read more.

Day 1: London, UK -> Bucharest, Romania
Day 2: Bucharest
Day 3: Bucharest, Snagov -> Sofia, Bulgaria by train
Day 4: Sofia
Day 5: Sofia -> Plovdiv
Day 6: Plovdiv -> Istanbul, Turkey by train
Day 7: Istanbul
Day 8: Istanbul
Day 9: Istanbul -> Thessaloniki, Greece by train
Day 10: Thessaloniki -> Athens, Greece by train
Day 11: Athens
Day 12: Athens
Day 13: Athens
Day 14: Athens -> London

We flew from Heathrow, London to Bucharest, Romania, and then we travelled to the various cities by train on a Balkan Flexipass train tickets which allows you to travel on 1st class within 30 days for a choice of 5, 10 or 15 days. We flew back to London from Athen, Greece.

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