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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Southampton, English Channel, Isle of Wight &more, UK, Europe, Aug 2005

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Southhampton, English Channel and Isle of Wight, UK and Cherbourg and Omonville, France

Westwood Church Annual Sailing Weekend
My first sailing trip went unexpectedly well in perfect weather. Blue sky, bright stars, moon ... words fail to describe the beauty of nature that God has given us. The rain, wind and tide post significant impact on the sailing. We intend to head towards Omonville, a fishing village in Frence, then Alderney, one of the Channel Islands. However the wind took us to the East and to Cherbourg. When you have to depend so much on mother nature, you suddenly realise that what you want is not what you get. If you trust God giving us the best, you're happy to go anywhere.

I wonder how it will become if there is stronger tide or wave? When will be my second sailing trip??

Captain: Jerry Marshall
Crew: Ray, Chris, Clive, Liam, Will, Amy, Graham, Dan and Irene
Everyone is friendly and nice, a great company to sail.

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